TurntApp (iOS)

An App that lets users convert their LivePhotos and Videos into Boomerang Videos or GIFs should they choose to. It also lets users add overlays onto Videos and GIFs, as well as still Photos. There are custom timed presets to tweak these exported videos also and there are custom filters for Videos as well as Photos.

StrayaMate (Android and iOS)

This app is like an informal dictionary of Australian slang - including phrases, words and how to use them. This app is inspired by the fact that my partner - who is an ESL (English as a second language) teacher has students pre-dominantly from overseas and mainly non-english speaking countries. Often times it is challenging for her to be able to explain common Australian phrases to her students and so the content for this app has been provided by her.

At one stage I started wanting to branch this app out so it also now features some of my favourite places to visit in Australia.

Aussie As! Stickers (on iOS)

This app is literally a spin-off of Strayamate. It takes some of the most common Strayamate phrases and converts them into iMessage stickers. Pretty basic stuff really.

Orderise (on Android).

This app was removed a while ago, I do not actively maintain it.

Orderise is just a fun app I wrote to catalogue coffee orders for large groups. If you’re not keen on providing your real name it even generates random names for you!

Address book Sync (on Android).

I do not actively maintain this app.

Address book sync lets a user upload, backup and download their phone’s contact data to Dropbox and move it across multiple devices.