Foldable emulators

I have been thinking about how one can test apps on foldables - there’s no way I am going to invest in $2000+ on a handset - in fact I distinctly recall my first macbook pro was only really about $1600 (after some work discounts of course).

Anyway, looks like foldable emulators are available on Android Studio now (requires time investment), so I don’t have to. Plus Samsung eww.


  • Get AS 3.5 canary 10 or above.
  • Update the emulator to 29+
  • Get the latest Android Q beta
  • Create a new AVD by using the available 7.3” or 8” foldables.
  • Profit.
  • Bonus! apply changes (the new instant run) looks available in this version of AS also! (But that might warrant a different post)

Here’s what it looks like: