Zen of conferences

import sydney from “./images/sydney.jpg”;

Zen of conferences

This week, I got to go to the AWS summit in Sydney ✈️ thanks to National Australia Bank. In fact, tech conference season is in full swing - notably Google IO next week, WWDC next month and all the way to AWS re:invent in December. Having actually never been to a conference before, I wanted to share my thoughts on how I prepared:

  • Prepare. This is probably my OCD talking, but curating sessions BEFORE you go by picking out the best ones and if necessary registering for them before hand is important, so you don’t miss out scramble around on the actual day(s). 👍🏽

  • Breathe. FOMO is all too real. Hands-on labs and workshops fill up - so you missed out? Big whoop! its probably all published online for you to try out in the comfort of your own home 😌

  • Existential questions are important. Remember why you are there - to bring any possible learnings back to your organisation - this will help you approach a session with the best possible frame of mind 🎉

  • Network. Not just with vendors or with reps from AWS or Google or Apple but other attendees. Chances are, other organisations are on the same journey as yours - learn from their mistakes or share your own! 📱

Sydney’s so pretty! Until next time, though


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