My name is Harsh Overseer and I like building stuff. A bunch of my work can be found on my github. I work as a Software Engineer at Outware Mobile.

I used to work as a Network and Security Engineer / Architect at Telstra, one of Australia’s largest Telcos but I found I was more inclined towards software development so I taught myself how to code and I now write Android applications. Admittedly, I have dabbled into languages like JavaScript and Ruby but I love Python. I wrote the backend for my app Address book sync’s backend in Django - although it is now defunct. I know a little bit about Security and a little bit more about Network engineering. I also love DevOpsy infrastructury stuff.

I am very opiniated about a lot of things and I am often wrong. I am hoping to document stuff I learn on this blog, which seems like a very late 90s and early 2000s thing to do, eh.